Backed by our successes.
Our focus on the future.

Mona Lisa’s early beginnings are found in the company “Homesteel-Achel”, which exclusively produced around ten million Multiload® coils for the worldwide market from 1980 to 1996. This means that the results of all existing clinical studies on Multiload® IUDs are based on products from Homesteel-Achel/Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa N.V. has been developing its own line of copper IUDs since 1996. The name, Mona Lisa N.V., is based on the name of the copper IUD Multiload®, often abbreviated to “ML”. Simultaneously, the name expresses femininity, referencing the target group of the products that Mona Lisa took along with it from the Homesteel-Achel era.Expertise and the principles of both absolute quality and precision in manufacturing are mirrored in the establishment of the company’s own quality management system. Other things, these principles are mirrored in the establishment of the company’s own quality management system: To this day, the company manufactures all products in Europe according to ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP (ISO 13485:2016).

Mona Lisa is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of copper intrauterine devices.
The current portfolio includes seven different copper IUDs. A variety that reflects Mona Lisa’s mission: offering a hormone-free and individual contraceptive method that satisfies the needs of all women.

Important milestones:

  • 1996: Founding of Mona Lisa N.V., start of own generic line of copper lUDs, with the replication of the “Multi-Load Cu250/375”
  • 1997: Replication of the classic IUD “TCu 200/380” / Gyne T 200/380
  • 2000: Replication of “Nova-T 380”
  • 2002: Replication of “Multiload Cu 375 short loop”
  • 2006: Continued development of the classic IUD CuT 380A with improved loading system
  • 2008: Market entry with the Flexi T 300 replication
  • 2014: Development and production of the NT Cu380 Mini, a smaller version of the Nova T replication.